Alberto Olmedo – the unique hairdresser who impresses through spectacular hair styling.


Known also as the ‘Game of Thrones’ hairdresser, he uses medieval techniques which include swords, claws and flames.

About Alberto

The Madrid-based hairstylist who cuts hair with large swords, claws and fire, making for the most intense cutting sessions you will ever see.

Born to Spanish émigré parents in France, where he grew up, Alberto says he started using swords as a way to layer hair. And he’s not the only one wielding a sword in the salon: just about all of his seven employees have learned how to use one, including his wife.

Whether he uses medieval swords, wolf claws or fire flames, Alberto promises a unique hair cut for every style.

“Other hairdresses cut one side at a time, but as any sword-wielding hair guru knows, the only way to do it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously.”

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Alberto offers a one stop shop for all your styling needs. Packed with dedication and discipline you will experience hair styling in an exquisitely medieval way. On top of that, Alberto has been working with big brands in the industry, performing at extraordinary live shows and has been offering master classes to other passionate hairstylists in the industry.

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